Sunday Drives

20160210_090208Philips Road, Hopewell Junction

I am starting a new writing project this year.  The blog is pretty simple, a recollection of family drives throughout the country. I want to keep a record of these little trips for my children to remember one day, of all the places we’ve been. And pictures don’t always capture all the little nuances or the way a place evoked a specific feeling.  I hope that if my three girls read this one day, they find the beauty around them in every single waking moment, no matter how near or far.

Sometimes we think of exploration as this exotic concept of going to far away places, which is always wonderful.  I once wrote a travel article about a a little Buddhist nation called Bhutan for a travel site, and fell in love with it just writing about it.  Yet the idea of taking a 24 hour flight, made the prospects of actually going there a little tough, at least for right now.  In reality, travel is not always about the places we go per se, but sometimes it’s about what we learn about ourselves in the process.  Although one day, I am going to plan some of the far away trips, for now these drives are a source of so much inspiration and feeling.  Since I love to write, the subject could not be more perfect to explore all the depths of the soul.

The secret places right near us are sometimes the most interesting and inspiring of all.

Each week, I’ll share my experience of our family Sunday drives.  My idea is to write something that captivates the emotions I felt and my observations of our girls experiencing new places.  The hidden charm of some of these nearby places is truly inspiring.  Just the other day, I went into the Hopewell Antique shop and found a first edition copy of Robert Frost’s collected poems.  It had been awhile since I read, “Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening”, and I wanted to read it to my girls.  I had been thinking about the poem for quite some time, and had not gotten around to ordering a copy. And there on the shelf, haphazardly was something I had been searching for.  Travel is quite the same, we find things we cherish in the most unexpected places.

Perhaps Hans Christian Anderson said it best when he said, “To travel is to live”.  So I challenge you to live fully and go see some of these places for yourself, maybe alone or maybe with your whole family.

Please feel free to post questions, comments, insights or ideas for future drives for our family.  The blog will also serve as a running record of sorts, or a virtual scrapbook of our adventure. If you would like us to visit a particular site, we’d be happy to.  You can reach me at


One of our first Sunday drives in the Hudson Valley, Cold Springs, 2015.  Amada and Lilliana overlooking the frozen water with Aunt Sandy.




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I am a freelance writer. I attended Cornell University and went on to pursue my MA in Teaching in Seattle. A few of my education blogs went viral on educational sites. You can find my writing portfolio of past work at These days, I am writing about minimalism and weekend drives. The biggest thing I want to do in life is learn. I think travel is a way to get to know yourself and understand life's true purpose. Feel free to contact me for projects or to share a comment, at, or on twitter @miriamoclifford or facebook. Thanks for reading!

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